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Simply safe: The stainless steel handles with integrated heat buffers ensure the the handles remain at a comfortable temperature.The special condensate-plus curvature in the lid allos the food in its natural juiices - for even tastier results.The energy-saving cookstar all-stove base can be used on all kinds of stoves, even induction, and ensures optimal heat absorbtion, distribution and retention.

The art of cooking. Following its recent launch, Fissler luno turns out to be the perfect complement to the sophisticated kitchen - and not for its attractive looks. This modern cooking line will encourage professionals and newcomers alike to embark on culinary adventures. The abrasion-resistant nonstick sealing easily prevents even the most delicate foods such as eggs, seafood, cheeses and sauces, from sticking. At the same time, it makes washing up a breeze. Thanks to planium, an innovative production method developed by Fissler, the heat is distributed quickly from the base to the rim, warming the food evenly. All items are ovenproof till 220oC. The high-quality protectal-plus sealing prevents food from sticking: Ideal for gently cooking delicate dishes such as fish, mushrooms, risottos and cheese sauces. The integrated measuring scale is pratical for measuring liquids and makes an additional measuring cup redundant.

Box Contains

1 x Stew Pot

Fissler Luno Stew Pot Black 24 cm AISHYKPNM

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